Investing in the strongest technical protocols and teams focused on security, scalability, and interoperability for digital assets.

Investment Thesis

Open, permissionless, and distributed computation networks will set the foundation for the next generation of monetary structures. This foundation enables more efficient protocols that store, transfer, and accrue value for all participants.

Digital assets that are governed and secured by the protocols, teams, and communities with the strongest values and conviction will have the most resilience and largest addressable market.

Active management through strong governance and technical due diligence will lead to asymmetric returns.

Our Portfolio

The Team


Satraj Bambra

  • Software Engineering & Finance, University of Toronto.
  • Co-founder and CEO, BHouse (SDK and application development studio) – acquired.
  • Co-founder and CEO, BlockEQ (wallet and decentralized exchange) – acquired.


Khaled Verjee

  • LLB, London School of Economics.
  • Investment banking and venture capital at
    Standard Bank, Nomura and Exotix Capital.
  • CEO of single family office. Responsible for managing and growing asset base.
  • Early investor and advisor in the crypto space.

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